Commission 2

Another commission completed, a chubby cybernetic warrior.


Renee, fan figure


So a while back I worked on a fan character by instagrammer Sat88Universe.

This curvy figure is called Renee.


Renee, a character by Sat88Universe

Started modeling on Renee from Instagrammer Sat88Universe. Very unique drawing style and he made a modelsheet a while back. So I made her in 3D. The printed model will be tested as soon as our 3D printer arrives.


Blazing Lusty, a new start

New start! Old blog was getting clogged so started a new one.
The archive can still be reached through the main site

Blazing Lusty, the last Warrior sized curvy figure that was produced with the old 3D printer which has been bought again. The Up Plus 2 is a solid 3d printer that can print at the angles that are needed for the figures.